Two world records set by Pacific rowers

A dedicated team of rowers have set two world records as they completed a 2,800-mile rowing race across the Pacific Ocean in a bid to raise money for us and four other charities close to their hearts.

Team Flyin’ Fish, Andy Warner, Elaine Theaker, Huw Carden, Alison Wannell and Neil Blackeby, completed the World’s Toughest Row on Wednesday evening (UK) following an incredible 51 days, 5 hours, and 44 minutes out at sea.

As well as raising more than £3,300, the team set a new world record for the first team of five to row across the Mid-Pacific route, and team member Huw Carden now becomes the oldest male to have rowed the Mid-Pacific route.

A group of people celebrate completing the world's toughest row.

Photo credit World’s Toughest Row

Participating teams from around the world row across the Pacific Ocean in this gruelling challenge, starting in Monterey, California, and finishing in Hanalei, Kaua’i.

The team set off on June 12 and 51 days later they made it into Kauaʻi on a beautifully sunny morning, where a crowd of supporters from both home and the local community eagerly awaited their arrival – they were even accompanied by a pod of dolphins who swam alongside them.

On finishing Huw said, “When you’re out there it’s the purity of rowing. If you haven’t done it, you can’t experience it. It’s just a different world and it’s a world of wonder.”

Five people holding a banner marking the completion of the world's toughest row.

Photo credit World’s Toughest Row

The teams have been pushed beyond their conceivable limits – challenged with formidable 20-foot waves, severe sleep deprivation, and extreme physical and mental trials that stretch the bounds of human resilience.

They encountered an initial setback with their rudder during the first week. But with a drive and determination to continue rowing, they successfully managed to replace their rudder and push onward.

Beyond the accomplishment of setting two new world records, this team’s journey holds a higher purpose, raising money for: Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, Cornwall Air Ambulance, Devon Air Ambulance, Wales Air Ambulance and SSAFA.

A huge thank you to everyone at Team Flyin’ Fish and those who supported them.



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