Steph’s story – five years on

As she stepped out to cross the road near her home in Totton, Steph, who was 20 at the time, was hit by an oncoming car. She had sustained a severe head injury and was critically ill.

A total of seven 999 emergency calls were made. Our duty dispatcher soon realised the seriousness of the incident and dispatched the air ambulance team. Eight minutes later, the team arrived at Steph’s side and got to work.

Steph was becoming increasingly agitated and wouldn’t let anyone touch her, even to record her vital signs or keep an oxygen mask on. A reaction that sometimes occurs when someone is seriously injured – the fight or flight mechanism had really kicked in.

The team put a cannula in Steph’s arm, gave her medicine to calm her down and then put her to sleep and onto a ventilator, all before flying her to hospital for further treatment and surgery.

Five years on, Steph continues on her road to recovery and has since joined the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Volunteer family.

Steph said:

“It’s crazy the accident I was involved in was five years ago. So much has changed. My progress has been so unexpected, considering how severally injured I was. Though I still have ongoing treatment and will have operations in the future, I am in a better place medically now.

“I am still alive because of the remarkable team that flew to me. I couldn’t be more thankful to them for giving me a second chance at life. The team still amaze me to this day – their skills, strength and abilities. If the team wasn’t dispatched to the accident I was involved in, I think the chances of me being here now would be very slim. I am so grateful and lucky to still be here today.

“Every time I see the helicopter fly overhead, tears build up in my eyes. I will always hold this service close to my heart. I love volunteering for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance as this has given me an opportunity to thank the service for still being here today.”

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