Be a Fundraising Hero!

Here are some fun ways in which you could rise to the challenge.

Think of 20 tasks or challenges you could do. Get your friends and family to sponsor you a £1 for each one to raise a grand total of £20.

Here are some ideas…

Take the dog for a walk.

 Tidy your bedroom.

 Entertain your family or friends with a song or dance.

 Water the plants.

 Rummage down the back of your sofa or under the beds lost coins.

 10, 20 or 30 minute silence (be realistic about how long you can be quiet).

 Run up and down the stairs 20 times (please take care).

Get together with your friends and family to organise a fundraising event.


Have a bake sale in your garden, at your group or club or family event.

 Organise a fashion show and sell tickets.

 Offer to do some chores for your family, friends or neighbours.

 Have a bric-a-brac sale and get rid of some of your old toys.

 Organise a sponsored karaoke or sing-a-long with your friends and family.

Raise a minimum of £20 and get a 999 HERO goodie pack!

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