Laszlo’s Story

Fiona Drummond lives in the New Forest and is the mother of three young children. In 2017 the Air Ambulance came to the rescue of her son Laszlo after he slipped and fell on ice on the AstroTurf at school. In June this year Laszlo and his mother came to our airbase in Thruxton to meet Dr Chris Hill and Critical Care Paramedic Jason Butler, both of whom were on the Air Ambulance on the day of Lazlo’s accident.

When Laszlo slipped and fell he suffered a smashed growth plate and a severe spiral fracture to the femur and needed urgent medical care. The break was potentially life threatening and it was a highly stressful situation.

Fiona told us; “When the Air Ambulance arrived and Dr Chris Hill and Critical Care Team Paramedic Jason Butler swept into the room, I felt immediate relief at their professionalism. They knew exactly what to do. They didn’t waste a second and took complete charge of the situation – I just felt so lucky that they had arrived when they did. Dr Hill assessed my son to gauge his injury and he knew that it was a broken pelvis, femur or both. They swooped in with such confidence and calm that I knew immediately that we were in safe hands.

“The Critical Care team provided us with the urgent medical attention and drugs that Laszlo needed. Without them we had no certain rescue and we could not have moved him to hospital. The team’s ‘super hero’ like confidence and manner turned the situation around. The service that the Air Ambulance provides is essential and needs our support.

“We loved coming back to visit the airbase. My son has such a strong recall of the incident and it has been important and cathartic for us to meet the team who rescued him and to understand more about how they operate their fantastic service. He has such a lovely relationship in his mind with the Doctor and Paramedic who came to his rescue. Thank you so much!”


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