Glenda’s Story

I have a complex medical history that stems from being a carrier of Christmas disease (also known as Haemophilia B). Many years ago, I was given a contaminated blood product, and as a result, I contracted Hepatitis C and Sclerosis.


The incident took place whilst I was taking a short break with my sisters on the Isle of Wight. The aim of the trip was to help me to recuperate from my ongoing problems, but unfortunately it didn’t end well. My sisters found me during the night on the point of collapse. I was suffering with severe bleeding which was made much worse due to my Haemophilia. At the time the ambulance was called, I remember feeling very ill and scared. Our coach tour driver alerted the emergency services and he was very kind and supportive as we waited for the ambulance to arrive. I was taken to St Mary’s hospital in Newport on the Isle of Wight, where it was quickly realised that I needed further treatment that couldn’t be provided at St Mary’s. The Air Ambulance was called and arrived in less than an hour to transfer me across to University Hospital Southampton.

My sisters were very worried; they were so far from home and felt incredibly helpless as they watched me being flown across to Southampton.

It was my first flight in a helicopter, so I was very apprehensive, but the crew were light hearted and kept me calm throughout. They even laughed when I told them I was getting rained on – they were absolute superstars! If it hadn’t been for the Air Ambulance arriving so promptly, I would have had to make the crossing to Southampton by ferry; a journey that would have been difficult and traumatic.

My condition is still ongoing; it is now more chronic than acute, and I am on the list for a liver transplant. After my experience with the Air Ambulance I cannot praise the Charity enough – it is such an important service. The Critical Care Team were amazing, and they could not have been better at helping me to get the treatment I needed. I would like to thank the team who looked after me; I really appreciate what they did for me.


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