Every scar tells a story: Former patient ‘Braving the Shave’

13 October, 2020

On 22 October 2014, Claire was walking with her husband and two young daughters when she was struck by a motorbike that had mounted the kerb. Falling backwards, Claire landed on her head fracturing her skull. The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Critical Care Team were called out to attend to Claire and her life-threatening injuries. Claire was treated and airlifted to University Hospital Southampton where she underwent emergency surgery.

Fast forward to 22 October 2020, exactly six years to the day of her incident, Claire, 40, will be shaving her hair to show the scars she bares as a result of her injuries and the hours of surgery.

Claire said:

“With blood flowing from my head my husband and children feared the worst: I would die lying on the path. From that moment, I was completely unconscious. I don’t remember feeling anything physically or emotionally and have no memory of the event at all. Had it not been for the Air Ambulance taking me from Basingstoke to University Hospital Southampton, I would have died due to the pressure and bleed on my brain.”

She added:

“I would like to shave my hair to bare my scars, tell my story and show my appreciation of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. Without them I would not be telling my story today. My aim is to raise enough money that will help benefit those who may need this vital service in the future.”

Claire will be live streaming her ‘Headshave’ on Thursday 22 October at 13:00, via her Justgiving page here

Watch Claire’s short promotional video detailing her story and upcoming fundraiser here

You can read Claire’s full story at here

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