Consultation opens on Air Ambulance headquarters

A community consultation is being launched regarding a new headquarters for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance charity.

Its personnel are currently based across two locations, with the operations side including the helicopter and medical teams based at Thruxton Circuit. The rest of the staff are based at Nursling in the southern Test Valley.

The charity has identified a site at George Curl Way adjacent to Southampton Airport that would be ideal for a new headquarters.

Along with bringing everyone together under one roof, moving to a central location will dramatically reduce response times and minimise flying and travel time. This means crews will be able to get to patients far quicker and be restocked, refuelled, and ready to respond to the next emergency call – saving precious minutes that could spell the difference between life and death.

Demand for the air ambulance is currently rising. Since its first mission in 2007 the doctors, dispatchers, pilots and paramedics have responded to more than 18,000 missions, with no fewer than 1,842 throughout 2023.

A new headquarters will ensure the charity can continue its lifesaving work. It will also present opportunities to create an aftercare facility delivering follow-up care for those who have previously received emergency critical care, and collaborate with like-minded organisations working in the field of emergency medicine.

The charity’s preferred site is previously developed, with an existing building on the land, and its proximity to Southampton Airport will mask the noise of helicopter take-offs, due to the existing commercial flights in the area.

Before submitting an application to Eastleigh Borough Council, the charity is seeking feedback from residents and other important local stakeholders. As a result, a community consultation is being held that features a drop-in session at Eastleigh Football Club, Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh, on Tuesday 5 March 2024 from 4pm to 8pm.

For those unable to attend the event, a virtual consultation is taking place on the project’s website,, where the same information will be displayed and comments can be submitted until Sunday 17 March 2024.

Richard Corbett, Chief Executive Officer of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance charity, said:

“Demand is rising for our vital lifesaving work, but presently, our helicopter is located in the northwest corner of Hampshire, further from the majority of our missions than our preferred site.

“Moving would reduce response and flying times, and enable us to locate all our valued staff under one roof in purpose-built facilities that will allow us to continue our crucial work for years to come.

“The new headquarters would also open the door to providing other services, such as aftercare.

“We want to be good neighbours, as a result, we are keen to hear from residents and other important local stakeholders regarding our proposed new headquarters and would encourage people to take part in our community consultation.”

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