Airbase planning application update

Thank you for your incredible support and backing for our proposed airbase relocation.

We recently submitted a planning application to relocate our airbase and charity operations to new headquarters at a site at George Curl Way in Eastleigh.

Our crew currently operate out of Thruxton, Andover, but with around 70% of our missions around the Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth region, moving to a more central location would drastically reduce response times and minimise flying and travel time.

Public consultation

In February, we opened a public consultation collecting your feedback on our proposed move. We received a total of 612 responses: 561 forms plus an additional 51 emails.

More than 97% of the feedback was in favour of the proposals. And while some concerns were raised regarding noise from the helicopter and any potential conflict with commercial flights, the overwhelming majority of responses were driven by people wishing to show their support and wishing us well in the future.

Our CEO, Richard Corbett, said:

“We are incredibly grateful to everyone who took the time to share constructive input during the consultation. We understand people’s reservations and concerns, and we hope we have addressed these either directly or through the public sphere. We are heartened that the majority of the feedback we received, however, was in support of our proposed move, which only strengthens our desire to carry this through to deliver the best possible outcome for our patients.”

An artistic impression of the proposed new airbase


“Perfect location near the airport. It really shouldn’t need any consultation. We all just might need the air ambulance.”

“What about Lee on the Solent airfield? Another readymade site and don’t Hampshire Police also use it as well as the coastguard?”

Unfortunately, Solent Airport doesn’t offer the central location required, nor has the quality road links to patients (the majority of whom are along the M27 corridor).

“I don’t see a problem with you being based at Southampton Airport, you do a wonderful job and the quicker you can get to places to help people the better. I’m all for you coming to Southampton Airport.”

“I am based in the north of Hampshire, and selfishly feel happier with the base being at Thruxton. How does the move affect us in and around Andover?”

“The proposed new airbase is roughly the same distance from Basingstoke as the existing Thruxton base. Yes, we will be moving further from Andover and towns and villages along the Hampshire-Wiltshire border, but as we will spend much less time needlessly travelling from the northwest to the southern extremities of our region, we expect to be restocked, refuelled and ready to respond to emergencies across the region more quickly.

“I think it’s a fantastic idea; the airport makes sense and near the motorway for the road crew, especially if it makes response times quicker. You all do an amazing job.”

Thank you for your unwavering support.

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