Will ‘Walks the Walk’

28 April, 2020

The 2.6 Challenge

Southampton University Medical Student, Will Halpin, raised money for us by walking continuously for 26 hours, with 26 pounds of weight in his rucksack: that is almost as three times as long as Mount Everest, with roughly 18 basketballs on your back. Not only that, Will raised a phenomenal £1,474. Well done and thank you so much.

A message from HEMS Paramedic, Dave Zaple, below.


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We’ve also seen dogs doing 26 tricks; kids painting 26 rocks; couples competing in 26 board games and members of our crew planking for 2.6 minutes – some of the team somehow planked for five minutes and 20 seconds.

A huge thank you to everyone who got involved, kindly donated and shared your fantastic videos. There’s still plenty of time to play your part: you can complete your own challenge by Friday 1 May.

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