Charity Team

Our charity has a small team of 24 members of staff, both full and part time, in our office in Southampton.

  • Sherie Williams Ellen
    Sherie Williams Ellen
    Acting Chief Executive
  • Rachel Leaman
    Rachel Leaman
    Director of Fundraising
  • Keith Wilson
    Keith Wilson
    Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Lucie Tarrant
    Lucie Tarrant
    Director of Finance
  • Petra North
    Petra North
    Senior Finance Officer
  • Alex Diaper
    Alex Diaper
    Finance Assistant
  • Makayla Easen
    Makayla Easen
    Finance Apprentice
  • Emma Rowe
    Emma Rowe
    Data Manager
  • Victoria Charlesworth
    Victoria Charlesworth
    Data Administrator
  • Kate Pritchard
    Kate Pritchard
    Administration Manager
  • Karen Barter
    Karen Barter
  • Lynne Frederick
    Lynne Frederick
  • Claire Smirk
    Claire Smirk
  • Gemma Brennan
    Gemma Brennan
    Communications and Marketing Officer
  • Andrew Shelley
    Andrew Shelley
    PR and Media Officer
  • Alice Quinell
    Alice Quinell
    Communication and Marketing Assistant
  • Ray Southam
    Ray Southam
    Fundraising Manager
  • Nicole Davies
    Nicole Davies
    Events Fundraiser
  • Sarah Pyne
    Sarah Pyne
    Supporter Engagement Fundraiser
  • Matthew Bennett
    Matthew Bennett
    Trust and Foundations Fundraiser
  • Oscar Marshall
    Oscar Marshall
    Legacy Fundraiser
  • Natalie Russell
    Natalie Russell
    Community Fundraiser
  • Hanna McLaughlin
    Hanna McLaughlin
    Corporate Fundraiser
  • Kirsty Davies
    Kirsty Davies
    Volunteering Team Leader
  • Rolf Kitching
    Rolf Kitching
    Equipment Officer
  • Chris Tate
    Chris Tate
    Airbase Support Officer