Stan the man strikes again!

29 August, 2019

Thursday 29th August

You might remember the fantastic Stanley Full, known lovingly to his friends and family as Stan. Last year, for his 90th birthday, Stan decided to take to the sky for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance (HIOWAA) and parachute 12,000ft from a plane to celebrate. In lieu of presents, Stan received donations for his epic challenge and raised over £2,600!

You could be forgiven for thinking his extreme sports days were behind him, but think again. This year, aged 91, Stan decided he wanted to take on the world’s fastest zip wire. Accompanying Stan on his latest venture, was Melissa Tucker, the instructor of his over 60’s exercise class. Melissa was inspired by Stan’s skydive back in 2018, and wanted to join him in raising as much money for HIOWAA as possible.

The mile-long zip wire reaches speeds of over 100 miles per hour and with typically rubbish summer weather, the rain was pouring down on the day of Stan’s challenge, making for a particularly bumpy ride. Their incredible effort paid off and the daring duo have raised over £2,100!

Community Engagement Manager at HIOWAA, Ian Browning, said:

“Stan continues to amaze everyone here at HIOWAA. If skydiving at 90-years-old wasn’t enough, he has once again shown what a brave and dedicated man he is with this latest challenge. With the support from Stan and Melissa, we can continue to provide the community with our life-saving service, which we cannot thank them enough for.”


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