Teddy Medic Challenge #1


Schools are closed at the moment and we know this can be an unsettling time for you and your friends. Teddy Medic has created some new challenges for you to try at home with your family.

Challenge #1

Our crew are working extra hard to support people when they are poorly, so with that in mind, Teddy Medic thought it might be a nice idea to cheer them up!
When you have finished your home school studies, pick up your art kit and create a picture to send to the crew.
We’d love to see lots of helicopter and rainbow pictures. Here’s Oscar and Teddy Medic explaining the new challenge –

When you’ve finished, click here to submit your drawing and we’ll upload it to our art wall and send it to our crew.
Parents and guardians, please note that some of the photos may be used for other charity promotional purposes, so only submit photos you are happy for us to use.