Meet Our Heroes

Our crew work 365 days a year to help the people of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Their mission – to save lives!

Teddy Medic

Special Skills:  Looking Cute.
Number of Missions: Infinite.
Kit: Helmet with fluffy ear fittings.
Likes: Meeting people at events.
Dislikes: Spiders.
Super Powers: Extremely healing hugs!

Paramedic Pat

Special Skills: Helping injured people.
Number of Missions: 40.
Kit: Flying Suit.
Likes: Cycling & Flying.
Dislikes: Traffic Jams.
Super Powers: Photographic Memory.

Paramedic Piper

Special Skills: Fixing poorly people.
Number of Missions: About 1,000
Kit: Flight suit.
Likes: Ice cream.
Dislikes: Spiders.
Super Powers: X-Ray vision.

Pilot Stu

Special Skills: Flying the Helicopter.
Number of Missions: 3006.
Kit: Helmet and EC135 Helicopter.
Likes: DIY.
Dislikes: Broad Beans.
Super Powers: Maths and Physics.

Dr. David

Special Skills: Fixing people.
Number of Missions: 80 per year.
Kit: Lots of medicine.
Likes: Cake & Helicopters.
Dislikes: Not flying.
Super Powers: Flying.

Dr. Lou

Special Skills: Saving Lives.
Number of Missions: 500.
Kit: Stethoscope.
Likes: Running and Talking.
Dislikes: Wasps.
Super Powers: Lightning Speed.

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