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Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance invites local businesses to join them for Team Building Exercis

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance (HIOWAA) is seeking local businesses to put forward groups of employees for specially designed team building activities in a stress-free environment outside of the office.

The charity’s Corporate Fundraiser, Ray Southam, has designed some brilliant activities for teams to participate in. The activities are based around communication and team work and help to educate people about the work of the Critical Care Team.

‘We’ve been trialling our team building programme with local companies and businesses around the county and so far, it has been really well received. It’s great to see groups of colleagues working together and ultimately having fun. Team building is a fantastic way to build positive relationships among co-workers.’ Ray Southam commented.

‘Our team building exercises have proven to be very popular. We’ve seen groups of colleagues working through the tasks together successfully, and building their work relationships in the process. Through these exercises we hope to continue to spread the word about the work of the Air Ambulance.’ Ray Southam continued.

HIOWAA is keen to hear from businesses and organisations who would be interested in participating in these activities, in return for a small donation.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance flies seven days a week, up to 19 hours a day, and attends an average of two to three missions a day, many of them life-saving.  The charity receives no government, statutory or national lottery funding for routine operations, and is entirely dependent on gifts received from members of the public, companies and grant-making bodies to keep the Air Ambulance flying and saving lives.


Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance                                                Tel:  02380 333377
Caroline Tyree (Communications and PR Lead)
Melissa Hare (Press Officer)

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Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance (HIOWAA) is the charity that delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured people across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Using an H135, the latest generation of EC135 helicopter, our doctor and paramedic team can be at a patient’s side within minutes, providing life-saving medical interventions, such as blood transfusions and anaesthesia at the roadside.  We fly 7 days a week and attend to an average of 2-3 missions per day, many of them life saving.

Our helicopter can be anywhere within Hampshire in 15 minutes and anywhere within the Isle of Wight within 20 minutes.  It can land in areas the size of a tennis court and on almost any terrain.

In early 2016 HIOWAA commenced night HEMS operations and is now able to undertake emergency missions during the hours of darkness, providing emergency medical support where and when it is needed most.

HIOWAA receives no Government funding, and relies on the generosity of individuals and organisations to help save lives.  As a charity we only receive help through the secondment of paramedics from our key partner, South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust – SCAS. To keep the Air Ambulance flying we need to raise approximately £230,000 per month.

Our medical achievements

  • We now carry blood on board.
  • We have doctors on board for 97% of our missions.
  • We operate a modern H135 aircraft.
  • In 2016 we began night HEMS operations, enabling us to undertake emergency missions during the hours of darkness, reaching sick and injured people when they need us most.

Our current fundraising aims

  • To maintain the current service.
  • To have a doctor on board for every mission.
  • To deliver extended flying hours, working towards a 24-hour service.

Our statistics

We fly 7 days a week, 365 days a year, both day and night.

  • RTC 33%
  • Cardiac/collapse 25%
  • Sports and falls 18%
  • Horse riding 16%
  • Industrial injury 4%
  • Transfers 3%

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