The Paramedic

“No day is the same, that’s certain!“

Our HEMS paramedics have three main roles:


Our paramedics need at least three years’ experience of working on a road ambulance before they can apply to work on our Critical Care Team. Our paramedics are also trained to deliver advanced critical care.


Navigation and Aviation

All our paramedics take a 3-week training course in HEMS navigation and aviation including, meteorology, flight safety and the use of night vision equipment.


HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) Desk

A paramedic is always on duty on the HEMS desk to monitor the live Emergency Dispatch System and filter the most appropriate incidents for our Critical Care Team to attend. This requires the paramedic to use their medical knowledge and experience, along with their I.T skills.


“Flying at night using the night vision equipment can seem a bit unreal, like being in a video game”.

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