The Engineer

“They really are the unsung heroes at the airbase!”

Our engineers work behind the scenes to keep our helicopter flying. They are responsible for the maintenance of the helicopter and repair any faults. This work can only be done outside of our flying hours so an engineer’s hours of work can vary, especially when we are flying until 2am.

An engineer’s job involves:

  • The daily servicing/inspection of the helicopter.
  • Providing specialist advice and knowledge to the aircrew regarding maintenance and continuing airworthiness of the helicopter.
  • Along with the pilots, ensuring the hangar and equipment is maintained to the standard required by the charity and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).
  • Checking the fuel bowser to ensuring the fuel is safe for use and refuelling the helicopter.
  • Ensuring that a supply of commonly used spares and consumables are kept on base.
  • Administrative tasks to facilitate the smooth running of the base.


“A good engineer will do almost anything they feel will ease the life of the aircrew”.

Captain Dave Nicholls, Pilot

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