Large-scale training exercise on the Isle of Wight

On a cold November night, we joined the Isle of Wight’s emergency services to conduct an ambitious night exercise at The Isle of Wight Military Museum in Northwood.

This large-scale, multi-agency exercise put each emergency service personnel through their paces, hoping to boost teamwork and communication when on scene.

The exercise simulated an incident where a car collided with a group of people followed by an assailant attacking several people with a knife, who were attending an outdoor evening event at the museum. Each patient had varying degrees of injuries, resulting in a number of major and minor casualties.

A team of medical professionals involved in a training exercise at night

Doctors and specialist paramedics from our Critical Care Team worked together with the Isle of Wight Police and Ambulance Service, HM Coastguard and IOW NHS Trust Emergency Department, to respond, triage and treat the injured causalities.

Following the arrival of the police and ambulance service on scene, our crews arrived in road vehicles and on board the Coastguard rescue helicopter to provide additional support. The crews were greeted on scene by ‘bystanders’ who were played by local actors – adding to the realness of the incident.

Our CEO, Richard Corbett, said:

“To achieve the best possible outcome for our patients, we rely on working collaboratively and efficiently with our emergency service colleagues. Intense and realistic simulations such as these allow the teams to come together and pass on their varied skills and experience.”

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