Joint training with Isle of Wight Ambulance Service

29 July, 2021

A number of our paramedics have been supporting delivery of enhanced care training to a group of Isle of Wight Ambulance Service paramedics, facilitated by their Medical Director, Dr John Pike. These paramedics have additional skills and interventions in the assessment and management of seriously ill and injured patients.

Michael Bradfield, HIOWAA Paramedic Clinical Lead, explains:

“This has been an excellent opportunity for inter-agency working, including training exercises with the Isle of Wight Coastguard, who kindly volunteered their time. Several members of our paramedic team have provided theoretical and practical scenario training for the Isle of Wight paramedics, with whom we work closely when we attend serious incidents on the Island. It has been beneficial for us to develop closer working relationships and this initiative to increase the level of pre-hospital care available will mean better outcomes for patients on the Isle of Wight.”

Michael adds: “As a charity, we not only provide direct patient care to the Island via our Air Ambulance response, but are also keen to support the development of ambulance service colleagues and look forward to providing further training and collaboration opportunities for Isle of Wight paramedics in the future.”

Dr John Pike, Isle of Wight Ambulance Clinical Lead, says:

“Providing enhanced paramedic skills to our critical care patients on the Isle of Wight has been a long-term ambition for the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service. Training with our local and regional partners is a key part of our vision, so it was wonderful last week to be able to welcome the expert HIOWAA paramedic team to help instruct in this high-fidelity, multi-agency course. Rigorous training and strong relationships lead to better patient outcomes!”

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