Support us this Christmas

Double your donation with The Big Give this December.

Help keep our doctors and paramedics life-saving ready!

This year Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance is taking part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge; the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign. We need your help to raise vital funds to improve our training facilities at our Airbase in Thruxton. These facilities give our doctors and paramedics the skills they need to provide our community with the very best life-saving care when they need it most.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have successfully passed the first stage and hit our pledge target of £6,000.

Crew training in sim suite

What happens next and how can you help?
The Big Give Christmas Challenge goes live on the 1st of December until the 8th December. We need your help to raise as much as possible during that week. Donations can be as little as £1, as big as £25,000 and anything in between!

We’re delighted that The Reed Foundation will match all donations up to the value of £3,000. Make a donation via The Big Give Christmas Challenge website.

All donations made are subject to The Big Give terms and conditions. See below for more information.


What will your money go towards?
If we achieve our target, we will be able to purchase an Adult Lifecast Body Simulation Manikin and a PRO SIMBODIES Thoracotomy Manikin. These manikins are highly accurate and lifelike and are designed and manufactured in the UK. They will be used alongside our Immersive Training Suite to refine essential clinical skills.

All manikins are based on the Lifecasts and scans of real people and feature lifelike details, such as veins and underlying structures, hair and precise anatomical mouths and airways, enabling ALS airway management. More information can be found by visiting their website:

The Big Give 2020

If we exceed our target, we will be able to purchase additional enhancements to our simulation suite and continue to improve the onsite training facilities for our doctors and paramedics.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more or get involved. If you are a corporate partner please contact Zakiya Dharsi at, alternatively please email Sarah Pyne at

What is the Big Give Christmas Challenge?

The Big Give Christmas Challenge (the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign) helps UK-registered charities to raise funds for their projects by doubling donations when the campaign goes live on 1st December. You can find full details of the Challenge, and how your pledge will enable us to be part of the UK’s largest Matched Funding Challenge, on Research shows that 84% of donors are more likely to give in a match funding campaign and that donations are on average 2.5 times bigger, so we’re very excited about the opportunity we have been given to take part.

How does it work?

  • The matching pots used to double donations for charities taking part in the Christmas Challenge are made up of a combination of funds. These are funds sourced by the Charity (‘Pledges’) and funds sourced by the Big Give (‘Champions’) which are available if we are successfully reach our £6,000 target.
  • The timeline for fulfilling the pledge (i.e. transferring the funds to us) is 9th December 2020 – 15th January 2021.
  • Fulfilment of your pledge is conditional on us receiving the appropriate online donations during the campaign (1st December – 8th December). You will only be required to pay a pro-rata amount of your pledge if we don’t hit our online target – it’s our guarantee to you that we are committed to raising additional donations.
  • Please note that if you pledge to Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance through the Big Give Christmas Challenge, you will not be able to make an online donation to us in December because your pledge will be used to match these donations.



“Champions”: Partners of the Big Give. These are external funders who contribute to the matching funds and can be Trusts, Foundations, Corporations or Philanthropists.
“Charity”: Any charitable organisation who is applying or participating in the campaign.
“Donors”: Supporters who make online donations via to participating Charities when the campaign goes live. A Donor can be anyone who would like to donate to the Charity but cannot have also acted as a Pledger to the same Charity.
“Pledgers”: Key supporters of Charities, excluding Donors. They contribute to the matching funds by providing promises of funding (“Pledge promises”). Pledgers can be major donors, trustees, or any other significant supporter of the Charity.
“The Big Give”: The Big Give Trust, charity no: 1136547 who runs and the campaign.

1.1. Stage One Application
1.1.1. To be eligible to apply for the campaign, a Charity:
• must be registered on (to register, a Charity must have a charity number or proof of tax exempt status);
• must have an income above £25,000 (as per its previous years’ accounts);
• must have filed at least one year’s accounts
• must comply with any other eligibility criteria specific to the campaign the charity is applying to
1.1.2. Applications to the campaign must be made via the Charity’s account area on By submitting an application the Charity agrees to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.
1.1.3. No late applications will be accepted (it is strongly advised that Charities begin the application process well before the deadline to allow ample time to complete Stage One application). Early applications will also allow a Charity more time to complete Stage Two of the application.
1.1.4. Stage One application requires a Charity to indicate that they understand the campaign. Any Charity who does not understand the campaign should contact as soon as possible.
1.1.5. Stage One application requires a Charity to complete details of what they are raising funds for in the campaign. Any funding received from Champions, Pledgers or Donors received through the campaign will be restricted as per details outlined by the Charity the exception referenced below (see 1.1.7.).
1.1.6. Stage one application requires a Charity to complete details about their fundraising targets and marketing plans for the campaign. Fundraising targets in the campaign must:
• be between £4,000 and £100,000; and
• not have a target for Champion funds which exceed 10% of the Charity’s previous year’s annual income (as per last set of accounts).
1.1.7. Once a Charity has hit their fundraising target, additional online donations received via may be unrestricted.
1.1.8. Once Stage One application has been completed, any change needing to be made to the details contained within Stage One application must be discussed with the Big Give by contacting The Big Give reserves the right to refuse any proposed changes to the Stage One application, at its sole discretion.
1.1.9. Charities are responsible for ensuring all information completed as part of the Stage One application is accurate and up-to-date.
1.1.10. It is assumed that all Charities who complete a Stage One application will be able to operate as a going concern for the year ahead (see Charity Commission guide ‘CC12 – Managing a charity’s finances’ for more information). If you or the Charity’s trustees have uncertainty as to whether you will be able to meet this requirement, please contact
1.1.11. On successful completion of Stage One application, Charities will move to the Stage Two application.

1.2. Stage Two Application (collecting pledge promises)
1.2.1. Stage Two application requires Charities to collect pledge promises.
1.2.2. It is the Charity’s responsibility to ensure that Pledgers are aware that the Charity may or may not be selected for Champion funding.
1.2.3. Pledge promises must be completed via the online pledge form (the link for the pledge form is made available to each Charity via the Dashboard in the Charity’s account area on
1.2.4. The pledge form must be completed by the individual (or, if being made by an organisation, a suitable representative of said organisation) making the pledge. A Charity must not complete the pledge form on behalf of their Pledgers.
1.2.5. Pledgers may not pledge:
• funds from the Charity’s own accounts;
• funds from an individual or organisation where the Charity has transferred (or intends to transfer) funds to reimburse said individual or organization;
• grants or funding which have already been granted or confirmed;
1.2.6. Pledges must not be fulfilled (i.e. paid to the Charity) until after the campaign has been completed (see 1.5.1). Proof of pledges being fulfilled will be required on completion of the campaign. If a Charity receives payment of a pledge before completion of the campaign, the Charity will be required to find a replacement pledge.
1.2.7. Pledgers are not permitted to make online donations to the same Charity during the campaign. Please note any donation made with the email address of a Pledger may be unmatched. Pledgers are able to donate to different charities.
1.2.8. Pledges must be a minimum of £100. The maximum in pledges a Charity can receive is equivalent to the pledge target set in Stage One application.
1.2.9. Stage Two application (i.e. the completion of pledge forms to hit pledge target) must be completed by the deadline given. No late submissions of pledge forms will be accepted.
1.2.10. A Charity must receive at least £1,000 in pledge promises in the Stage Two application to be considered for the campaign. Failure to raise at least £1,000 in pledge promises means the Charity will not be allowed to take part in campaign.
1.2.11. A Charity raising at least £1,000 in pledge promises does not mean the Charity has been selected to receive Champion funds in the campaign.
1.2.12. The maximum a Charity can receive from any Champion is equivalent to the amount raised in pledges.

1.3. Notification Stage
1.3.1. Charities who have completed Stage Two and have been selected by a Champion, will be notified by email (to the email address from their Charity Profile indicated at the time of application).
1.3.2. A Champion may offer the full or partial amount a Charity is seeking from a Champion, as set out in Stage One application. If the Charity is offered a partial amount, donations will still be matched using the pledge funds first before matching from Champion funds (see section 1.4.2.).
1.3.3. Any Charity offered Champion funds will be informed by email of the amount of Champion funds they have been offered to match donations in the campaign and the reporting requirements of the Champion.
1.3.4. Charities who have not been selected by a Champion will be notified by email (to the nominated email address).
1.3.5 A Charity’s response must be received by the Big Give within 5 working days of the notification (from the date and time stamp on the email) to confirm their place in the campaign. (It is the responsibility of the Charity to ensure the nominated email address is manned). If acceptance is not received within 5 working days, it will be assumed the Charity wishes to withdraw from the campaign.
1.3.6. Any Charity who withdraws from the campaign after accepting their offer may be disqualified from taking part in any future Big Give match funding campaigns.

1.4. Live Campaign
1.4.1. Champions’ funds and Pledgers’ funds will be combined to form a ring-fenced matching pot (“matching pot”) for each Charity. It is only during the specified time of the campaign that the matching pot will be utilised.
1.4.2. Online donations to participating Charities received during the live campaign will be matched initially by pledge funds. Once a Charity has used all of its pledge funds, donations will be matched by Champion funds until Champion funds are exhausted or until the campaign ends, whichever is sooner.
1.4.3. Once a Charity’s pledge funds and Champion funds have been exhausted, their donation page on the Big Give website will clearly state that any subsequent donations will not be matched. Donors will still be encouraged to make an unmatched donation.
1.4.4. All donations made during the campaign must be made online via website without exception. Donations must be made via a Charity’s page on the Big Give website, for the project which has been accepted into the campaign.
1.4.5. The minimum single donation that can be made during the campaign is £1. The maximum single matched donation made during the campaign is £25,000.
1.4.6. A donation is eligible to be matched if it is made when the campaign is live and if there is sufficient funding available in the matching pot for the selected Charity.
1.4.7. Donors will have 15 minutes to complete their donation once matching funds are reserved. If the donation is not completed within 15 minutes the Donor will be notified and the match funding will be released back into the matching pot for said Charity.
1.4.8. Participating Charities are not permitted to process donations on behalf of their supporters. Each donation must be made by the cardholder him/herself without exception.
1.4.9. Participating Charities are not permitted to make donations to their own Charity from their organisation’s accounts or transfer funds to Donors to make donations to said Charity.
1.4.10. All donations made during the campaign are subject to Donation Terms & Conditions (available at which includes requests for refunds.
1.4.11. All donations made during the campaign will be processed by Enthuse (formerly Charity Checkout), with a 4% administration fee on the donation and Gift Aid. Please note that the fee is applied to the donation and Gift Aid and the total amount is deducted from the donation before it is paid out to the charity. Gift Aid is subsequently paid out in full by HMRC (if it’s reclaimed on the charity’s behalf by Enthuse).
1.4.12. Donor names will be visible in each Charity account area on the Big Give website. Donor contact details will be displayed unless the Donor has asked not to be contacted.

1.5. Post-Campaign
1.5.1. Pledgers must fulfill their pledges (i.e. pay the amount they owe) after the campaign has been completed and by the deadline provided. It is the charity’s responsibility to request payment from their Pledgers.
1.5.2. If a Charity has not used all of its pledge funds by the end of the campaign their Pledgers will only be required to pay a pro rata amount of their pledge. E.g. if a Charity matches 50% of its pledges with online donations each Pledger will only be required to pay 50% of the pledged amount. If the Charity has not used up all of its pledge funds, the Big Give will contact each Charity confirming the pro-rata amount owed by each Pledger. The Pledger may choose to pay the full amount, but this is not compulsory.
1.5.3. The Big Give reserves the right to contact Pledgers following the conclusion of the campaign informing them of the amount they owe their Charity.
1.5.4. All pledges can be paid directly from the Pledger to the Charity, or through the Big Give website.
1.5.5 Charities must keep proof that the pledges have been fulfilled e.g. a screenshot of payment made via the Big Give, or a scan of a cheque/ bank statement.
1.5.6. Participating Charities must confirm the receipt of all pledges by the deadline provided through their Christmas Challenge Dashboard on
1.5.7. The Big Give will conduct due diligence after the campaign has been completed to ensure pledges have been fulfilled which will require charities to provide proof of pledge payment (e.g. a screenshot of payment made via the Big Give, or a scan of a cheque/ bank statement). Payment of Champion funds may be withheld until the Big Give has received satisfactory proof that pledges have been collected. The decision is at the discretion of the Big Give and their decision is final.
1.5.8. Donations made during the campaign will be paid into participating Charities’ bank accounts according to the regular payment processing cycles. Information regarding this can be found on the Big Give website. Charities should ensure their bank details are registered and up-to-date with the Big Give’s payment processor, Enthuse (formerly Charity Checkout). Payments made by BACS will carry the reference of ‘’.

1.6. The Awards
1.6.1. Any Charity that hits its fundraising target for the campaign is eligible to apply for the campaign Awards. Exceeding the fundraising target will be one of the criteria for the Awards. Full details of the judging criteria and prizes of the Awards will be announced to participating Charities in the build up to the campaign.
1.6.2. The successful Charities will be chosen by a panel of judges whose decision will be final.

1.7. The Big Give Responsibilities
1.7.1. The Big Give shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the maintenance of the online giving platform ( and the associated payment systems for the duration of the campaign.
1.7.2. The Big Give shall not be liable for faults that arise out of their control related to the online giving platform and associated payment systems, nor be responsible for any applications that are lost or mislaid as a result of any equipment or software failure or other technical malfunction.
1.7.3. The Big Give shall manage the matching and payment process for all donations made during the campaign.
1.7.4. The Big Give reserves the right to change any aspect of the service and/or these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice.
1.7.5. The Big Give reserves the right to cease or limit funding offered to any Charity at any time.

1.8. Charity Responsibilities
1.8.1. Each Charity is responsible for updating its contact details as soon as possible in their Big Give Charity account.
1.8.2. Each Charity is responsible for informing the Big Give of any organisational changes, proposed changes to their pledge target and/or any other factor which may reasonably affect their performance in the campaign.
1.8.3. Each Charity is responsible for reading all guidance documentation and communication sent out by the Big Give.
1.8.4. It is the Charity’s responsibility to deal with any requests that come from Champions in relation to the campaign. A Charity’s contact details (as per its Big Give account) will be made available on request to Champions, who may contact the charity directly.

1.9 General
1.9.1 In the event that a Charity breaches or is suspected to have breached these Terms & Conditions, the Big Give reserves the right to exclude the Charity from participating in the campaign or any future matched funding campaigns organised by the Big Give, and to seek legal redress or take such other further steps as may be necessary in the circumstances (including where relevant notifying relevant regulatory authorities of any concerns).
1.9.2 The Big Give reserves the right to hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend the campaign where it becomes necessary to do so.
1.9.3 These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by English law, and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.