Give the Gift of Life

Make saving a life part of your life story

The Air Ambulance relies 100% on public support.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, you have the power to do something wonderful for a cause you care about. Your gift will provide funding in the long term; to help people when they need us most, for generations to come.

How to include Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance in your Will:

We recommend you use a solicitor or professional Will writer to have your Will drafted or updated. The cost is relatively modest and it can help reduce the likelihood of your wishes being challenged after you pass away. You can inform your solicitor or professional Will writer that you would like to leave a gift to Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and they will help you to include it in your wishes.

The full legal description that should always be used to describe the Charity in a Will is: Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance of 22 Oriana Way, Nursling Industrial Estate, Southampton, SO16 0DY (Registered Charity No. 1106234).

Types of Gifts in Wills:

  • A share of your estate: After you have provided for your loved ones, you can leave a share of what remains to charity. This is known as a ‘residuary gift’
  • A cash gift: This is when you leave an exact sum of money to us. It’s known as a ‘pecuniary gift’
  • A specific gift: This may be something that you feel could help us raise funds for the Charity
  • A gift in trust: You can leave a gift for someone to use over a period of time. When the time has ended, the gift can be passed on to other recipients, such as a charity.

Five good reasons to make a Will and keep it up to date:

1.  Make sure your wishes are followed.
With an up-to-date Will, you can have peace of mind that the people and causes that matter to you have been looked after in the way you choose. It’s the only way to make sure your wishes are followed in the way you intend.

2. Make it easier on friends and family.
A Will makes it much easier for your family and friends to take care of your estate and be sure they’re acting on your wishes. Without a Will, the process can be difficult, stressful and time-consuming.

3. Help to minimise inheritance tax.
If you’ve got a Will, it can help reduce the amount of inheritance tax that needs to be paid on your estate.

4. Protect the rights of your partner.
If you and your partner aren’t married, or in a civil partnership, you don’t have the same automatic rights as those who are married. You can make sure your partner is looked after by naming them in your Will.

5. Give your assets to the people and causes you love most.
Without a Will expressing your wishes, your whole estate could end up belonging to the Crown or government. Write a Will to keep control.