Air Ambulances UK added to Virgin Red

Four new charities including Air Ambulances UK, our national organisation, have been added to Virgin Red, Virgin’s new rewards club, enabling members to donate Virgin Points to even more good causes.

The announcement means that Virgin Red members can choose to donate 1,000 Virgin Points or more to many different good causes including Air Ambulances UK, and more than 13 other national and local charities to choose from.

Simmy Akhtar, CEO of Air Ambulances UK, says:

“We are incredibly excited to be part of the Virgin Red family and give customers the opportunity to support air ambulance life-saving missions by donating their Virgin Points. Air ambulance charities are collectively dispatched to around 80 life-saving missions each day across the UK. Each life-saving mission costs around £2,500-£3,500 and are funded almost entirely by donations. This great initiative with Virgin Red will help air ambulance charities to save even more lives.”

Online donations have increased by 115% during the pandemic, and latest research suggests that 44% of the public have donated online over the summer months.