Air Ambulance Week 2022

21 Air Ambulance charities across the UK have joined together to mark National Air Ambulance Week. Our goal this year is to highlight the skills of our Critical Care Teams, who deliver advanced pre-hospital care to those in desperate need. The actions taken in these critical moments make a lifesaving difference to the patient and their families.

Highlights from the week:


Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance reported 1,086 missions so far this year.

Air Ambulances UK shared their new film, showcasing all services.

Watch the video:



HEMS Paramedic Clare Fitchett took over the charity Twitter account, and ran a live blog of her day working on the Air Ambulance. Read the thread below.


Former Southampton FC Manager, Nigel Adkins, visited the airbase to meet the on-duty crew and have a look around the helicopter and our simulation suite.


We spoke to Dr Bentley Waller about his involvement in Dale’s incident. Dr Waller explains the critical moments on the scene and how the advanced care we could give Dale made a lifesaving difference.

Dr Waller remembers:

“He was seconds from dying from several life-threatening injuries. The critical care interventions and treatment we were able to give him, with the South Central Ambulance Service teams, stabilised him and allowed him to get to UHS and receive the definitive life-saving care that he had.”