Babcock MCS Onshore successfully complete innovative partnership

Babcock MCS Onshore Ltd have successfully completed an innovative partnership project with Hampshire and Isle of Wight and the Thames Valley Air Ambulance to enable airborne connectivity. The first within the Babcock HEMS Fleet.

Comprehensive EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) testing has been completed in accordance with current EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) requirements to ensure that the installation and any devices which may connect to it do not interfere with the aircraft systems.

The modification allows our HEMS paramedics and doctors to gain access to the internet using the 3G/4G network from the aircraft whilst airborne.

The ability to transmit live from the aircraft opens up a world of technological advances for the medical crews including:

 Ability for patients data to be reviewed by hospital prior to aircraft arrival

 Electronic Patient Record Form

 Potential Open Voice Channels

 Access to patient data from the ground

 Enhanced statistical analysis abilities

Working alongside Thames Valley Air Ambulance we have a unique operating partnership and it’s this partnership approach which has enabled Babcock MCS Onshore to introduce this technological advancement to the South Central Region.

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